Japan: Days Six and Seven

Day 6:

We traveled from Hakone to Tokyo in the morning. Janet spent the afternoon exploring Harajuku, a trendy neighborhood with shops selling girly and goth styled items. We enjoyed cocktails at the Westin lounge before a life-changing sushi dinner. The chef described each piece of sushi to us, and even showed us the fish it came from!


Fancy shopping street, Harajuku


Necklaces, Harajuku


Outfit on display, Harajuku


Takeshita Street, Harajuku


Sushi menu



Tokyo at sunset


Enjoying an amazing sushi dinner


The chef at work


Sushi art!


Day 7:
We began the day with a trip to Tokyo’s famous fish market. What a chaotic and busy place! We explored the Akihabara neighborhood, then changed hotels (to a traditional Japanese-style ryokan. We visited the Shibuya area. It reminded us of Times Square! Then we went out for a nice dinner for Janet’s last night in Tokyo.

These carts were darting everywhere around the market! We thought we would get run over!    
This one had a bit of a large load!
The expensive fish!
A market stall    
Still swimming!
Fish for sale
The Tokyo Sky Tree and the Golden Poo 🙂
“The Scramble” at Shibuya station — about 1000 people cross the street each time the light changes!