India: Day One

 I’m here! Work won’t begin for a day or two, so I am enjoying the hotel and the neighborhood with a few of my peers. 

I feel almost guilty staying in such a nice place when the surrounding area is so in progress of development. 

One of the fanciest hotel rooms I have ever stayed in.
A “burger” consisting of a vegetable cutlet and tandoori paneer.
Cows, in the road. All of them male. Female cows are milked, but no one knows what to do with the males (cows are sacred). The roads here in Gurgaon are a MESS.
An infinity pool, multiple times the length of an Olympic pool.
A Kashmiri delight of fresh, whole Morels, in curry.
Cigar lounge, overlooking a reflecting pool
The fanciest urinal I have ever peed in