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India: Day One

 I’m here! Work won’t begin for a day or two, so I am enjoying the hotel and the neighborhood with a few of my peers. 

I feel almost guilty staying in such a nice place when the surrounding area is so in progress of development. 

One of the fanciest hotel rooms I have ever stayed in.
A “burger” consisting of a vegetable cutlet and tandoori paneer.
Cows, in the road. All of them male. Female cows are milked, but no one knows what to do with the males (cows are sacred). The roads here in Gurgaon are a MESS.
An infinity pool, multiple times the length of an Olympic pool.
A Kashmiri delight of fresh, whole Morels, in curry.
Cigar lounge, overlooking a reflecting pool
The fanciest urinal I have ever peed in

Korea: Days One and Two

Day one was hot…highs approaching 100, and humid as a Florida afternoon! Day two brought some typhoon rain…but we still had a good time.   

Day 1:

The day began with a quest for coffee. We discovered that while there are many coffee houses here, they don’t open until 10 or 11 am. We had delicious Korean-style breakfast at our guesthouse (which included amazing coffee, whew!), followed by a long walk to Dongdaemun market…a massive shopping area, where Janet did some fabric shopping. Nuri took off for some adventures on his own (lunch in a massive food market!). We explored the neighborhood around our guest house a bit and found some dinner, then crashed…between the heat and the time change, we were exhausted! 


Young ladies wearing hanbok (traditional dress)
Pancakes with seafood… Finding food we can eat is not easy!
Hawaiian shave ice, like we had on our honeymoon!
 Day 2: 

This day pretty much consisted of walking in the rain! We we explored the Bukchon neighborhood, which has many hanok, the traditional-style buildings. We had lovely pizza for lunch (served with pickles!) and then headed to Changdeokgung Palace to visit the Secret Garden. It was very beautiful, even in the rain. We were invited to join a dinner party from our guesthouse, so we ended the day with dinner with several new friends! 


We were hot and tired of the rain, so we stopped in a traditional tea house.

Las Vegas

Nuri had a work trip to Las Vegas. This was mostly a test post for our fancy new website.