Japan: Days One and Two

Day One:

Our flight from Korea was delayed… Another typhoon! We arrived in Osaka in the afternoon and caught a train to Kyoto. We got settled in to our room and walked (in the pouring rain) to have sushi for dinner, then to a craft beer bar. 


We’re in Japan!!!
Crazy ticket machines for the metro
Enjoying some conveyor belt sushi

Day Two:

No rain today! We visited the TenryĆ«-ji  Temple in Arashiysma. It has a beautiful Zen garden dating to the 14th century! Then we headed over to Higashiyama, for a visit to the Nanzen-ji Temple. We wandered through the Higashiyama and Gion neighborhoods, and ended up having Spanish tapas for dinner! 


Lotus flower
Zen garden, Nanzen-ji Temple
Moss in the Zen garden
Nanzen-ji Temple
Engraved stone tablet, Nanzen-ji Temple
The bamboo forest


Bamboo selfie?
Gate at Nanzen-ji Temple
Zen garden, Shoren-in Temple
Restaurant entryway
Cars are tiny here!
Yasaka Shrine
We saw a geisha!!
Evening in Higashiyama